Customer Reviews

Bill & Susy Anderson - Ephrata:

Town Ford Lincoln (Dan),

On September 13th my husband and I were headed to Lake Wenatchee for a relaxing weekend of camping. We found ourselves  broke down near Cashmere. Our 2018 Ford F-350 diesel had blown a hose on the turbo. My husband got it put back together enough to get us back to Wenatchee. We ended up in the Big Lots parking lot with a powerless pickup and a 16000 pound fifth wheel. Luckily we called you! Dan was awesome. Diagnosed the problem on Friday. Ordered the part and snuck us in on Saturday to get it fixed! We towed home with no problems. We definitely made the right decision to purchase our truck from you! Thank you for such great service! 

Nicholas Papini:

Dear Mr. Kuhnhenn,

I am writing you to acknowledge a couple of your employees that showed us caring, compassion, along with great service. My hat is off for Mr. Bailey Burnham and Tech# 195 James.

My wife and I were vacationing with our travel trailer when our F-150 started acting up going up Blewett Pass. Our check engine light came on and the truck started sputtering badly. We left the trailer on the side of the road on Blewett and limped into your dealership with no appointment. Bailey made us feel welcomed, and wanted us to know that Town Ford does everything possible to help stranded travelers. Even though all of your work bays were full, Bailey and James made sure we were going to be on the road again before dark. Your guys turned what started off to be a horrible day into a positive experience we will not forget. I just retired from the aluminum industry and I would come over to the Alcoa Malaga plant for business two or three times a year. Now I am coming here for vacations and the Wenatchee friendly and positive spirit shows through!

Thank your guys for me!   

Cindy Seyester:

Pat-   Bailey-  and All-

Thank you so much for providing me with prompt, efficient and exceptional Customer Service last week when I had trouble with my Explorer. The Service Department identified the problem quickly and Bailey kept me well informed. Thank you also for the use of a car! You are all Awesome!

Keith and Leslie Vradenburg:


My wife and I are very pleased with our new Ford Focus and the help of our Sales Consultant Kristie Taylor. Kristie made us feel at ease and went out of her way to see that we got what we wanted. Kristie made my wife feel very comfortable as she went over the ins and outs of our new Ford Focus. She got us a very good deal with our trade ins and made the experience of buying a new car a very easy one.

Two very satisfied Ford Owners

Ian F. :

I recently had my Ford Fusion in at your shop for some repairs. There were intermittent problems that caused many of the safety features of the car to shut off and it was a pain to track down. It took a while and a couple rounds to be able to pin down the problem. I know first hand how hard and frustrating it can be to track down intermittent problems like that, but Bailey worked with me to find a resolution. I just wanted to send you guys an email letting you know that the problem is resolved and I am extremely thankful for the work you have done. It's not the easiest to deal with a persistant and pain in the ass customer such as myself, but Bailey handled the case and provided grade A results with the final results! Thanks for all your hard work!

Sean G. :

While traveling through the area, I noticed the engine shield on my 2013 Ford Escape was drooping down on one side. Not a big problem, just a missing bolt. So I dropped by this dealership expecting to buy a bolt and replace it. The parts department wasn't quite sure which bolt it was, so I crawled under the car to take a photo of the remaining bolt. A man - the owner or general manager, I suppose, saw me and suggested putting the car up on the rack, which we did. The problem was bigger than the bolt. The thing it screws into was also broken. After 20 minutes, both sets of bolts and connectors were replaced AT NO CHARGE! I believe in rewarding goodwill. That level of service contrasted so sharply with the dealership in Olympia where we bought our Escape that next time we're in the market for a new car we'll make the three-hour drive over the mountains and purchase it there.

Sean G.


Lou Butkovich

Dear General Manager,

On a recent trip we noticed our brakes were pulsating and our Acura shook. We decided to take it to the Ford Garage as we just had our pickup brakes fixed. We felt you did outstanding work.  We approached Cory Ledgerwood and explained our situation. You were extremely busy and Cory suggested that we bring it back on the next Thursday.  Cory is very accommodating, our brakes were fixed and we are "on the road again".


Lou Butkovich

Rick Feather

We were away from our Kennewick, Wa home when our 2012 Ford Focus broke down, a transmission problem. AAA got us an appointment at a shop in Chelan, to their credit, when I called them, they recommended that I have the car towed to Town Ford. I called Town Ford and the service department said that they were full up. Anyway I had no choice but to take there. They had us up and running by the end of the day. Very friendly service and they did everything they could to accommodate our situation. A big thanks to the Service Department for installing a transmission control module which was a warranty call back, at no charge to us. Thank you for your integrity and accuracy of the diagnosis.

Rick Feather

William McCunn - April 15


Laura McNamara - January-28

Dear Pat

I wanted to take a moment and commend you on an outstanding Employee you have in your Service Dept who helped me last Thursday the 21st and the previous Tuesday, January 12th.

When I came in on Tuesday I had my husband in the back seat of our Explorer and was getting ready to take him to the Dr's because of his acute Spinal pain.

Fernando directed me to the Parts Dept so I could order a part for my seat and then was very courteous about making an appt for me in a very short time frame on Thursday the 21st after I picked my husband up from outpatient surgery at the hospital. I didn't want to leave my husband for very long and Fernando personally installed the part for my seat and got me out of there in under 1 hour and got back to the hospital in time to pick up my husband just as he was coming out of surgery.

As you can see, being in the hospitality business; I take customer service very seriously and so wanted to let you know what a valuable employee you have in this courteous, efficient, intelligent young man!

If I am ever in the need of another Ford (we have 5 :) I will be sure to head over to Town Ford and speak with what I am sure is a knowledgeable and well trained sales staff!

I am sure you hear many stories of 'my car doesn't run right' or "what's wrong with my car?"-- so I wanted to take a minute to share some 'good news' for your Team!

Warm regards,

Laura McNamara

Jim and Lois Macke

I want to thank Dan Mathews for the time he took in getting my pick-up fixed. It was a good experience even though you hate to have major vehicle problems. Dan kept me informed on the progress on my vehicle. Thanks goes out to Dan, and also Dave B. for giving me a vehicle to drive while my pick-up was getting fixed. I was very please to do business with Town Ford.

Damon Ross - January-26

Hi Pat. I don't do this often but I thought my recent visit to Town Ford warranted a response.

I just got a note in the mail saying to fill out the survey card if I got one, which I didn't. I still wish to give feedback to my recent visit for a repair on my car.

I am incredibly pleased by the care and courtesy shown to me by everyone I encounter there, every time I come in. This recent visit I was very well taken care of by Fernando Mago, who went out of his way to answer my questions and make sure everything was set with a clear course of action on the entire repair process, as well as taking the moment to provide personal service as simple as helping me locate my car when I was ready to leave. He and your service staff there went above the call of duty.

The other instance I encountered was while I was looking around for my car before they had pulled it around for me. I didn't catch his name, but there was a gentleman on a ladder on the back side of the building changing a lightbulb. He noted me looking around and stopped to ask me if I needed any help. It is attention and connection like that which makes customers feel like they truly are the important part of your business.

Thank you for what part you play in creating a very welcoming and caring atmosphere at Town Ford. I have been very satisfied by every experience I have had there, from the purchase of my car to each and every service call. I may not be a strictly Ford-brand person, but I would love to remain a Town Ford customer and refer my friends and family there as I can.

A Happy Town Ford Customer,

Damon Ross

Howard Maier - August-20 


I did not get a survey, (yet), but all was excellent, Jake (Smith) did a great job. You could even say he went over and above.

Dave Kastel - January-14

Are you kidding me? You guys are the best, and I will be more than happy to respond in only the most positive manner to any survey that comes along. Know that you and Mathew are the reason I keep coming back to Town Ford for my service needs as I trust you implicitly! You guys are the best!

Kevin Erwert - January-14

Excellent Dealership!!

Go USA Inc.-September-11

The salesman was more than helpful especially with the changes in Ford that have occured since I retired from a Ford dealership in Buckeye, Arizona {Jones Ford} after ten years of traveling all over the south-west delivering new cars and trucks.

Roger Peabody- September-11

I love my TownFord! I'm known on and first name basis by most of the personnel.

Jackie Tupling- Septemeber-11

Dave Blue was outstanding to work with.

Eric Doyle- Septemeber-11

This was one of the best car buying experiences I had ever had. Zero pressure and we came to a quick agreement. Even the finance guy was great!.

~Steve Tobin- August-11

Excellent Salesman! Financial process was very quick. GREAT

Debbie Arnold- August-11

Sales was very good. A very good salesman.

Wayne Creech- August-11

Pat Armstrong & Todd Lee --> Exceptional people and exceptional sales!!!

Marilyn Brooks - July-11

I can't say enough positive things about Town Ford- Pat, Dave and Casey were all fantastic! I would highly recommend Town Ford to anyone and will be referring everyone there.

William Yoakum - July-11

Mr. Litt was a competitive and courteous salesman

Patrick Lynam- July-11

I love my truck and the service I receive at Town Ford!!!!!!

Susan Couture- July- 11

It took them awhile to get the right finacing package and price to a reasonable level. I bought a 2010 model that they were pretty proud of! I don't know if it was my expectations or theirs that kept us apart for longer than I'm use to. The good part is I like my new truck and it was worth the wait. I've been with Toyotas the last 12-13 years and this is defintely a step up from your competition! I told my wife I was not going to trade down if I got a new truck and this really fits that bill!

George Vogel- July-11

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

My wife and I would like to express to you and your staff how pleased we are in our most recent purchase of a new 2010 XLT F150 series vehicle from Town Ford. I have been a Ford Motor Company customer for sixty years, buying Fords and Mercurys from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest.

I have always found that the dealerships that have good sound management have very professional personnel. I have found that to be the case over the past four years when I first became a customer at Town Ford. The product support and the service personnel have always been very courteus and friendly.

This was our first sales experience in the purchase of the new 2010 F150. I had many questions from mechanical to operational, as well as ownership. We want you to know that Jesse Figueroa, our sales consultant, was just great. He is very knowledeable and answered all our questions. Of course, you know what an asset he is to your staff, but it is a pleasure as a customer to let you know we received the most courteous, honest, and sincere treatment from him.

We definitely will recommend Town Ford and Jesse Figueroa to any of our friends and anyone interested in purchasing any vehicle.

You certainly hav a dealership and staff to be proud of as we experienced a high level of friendliness and comfort throughout your facility at all times.


Garred & Bonnie Scharmann

I wanted to write you about my recent experience in the Service Dept. Dan has been the BEST! He is very helpful, informative and friendly. If not for Dan, I would have probably taken my car elsewhere. Thank you Dan!

Kathy Dorey,- - March-11

Chad & Jessie were great! I would buy from them always.

Dennis Herrera…Aug-10

It was an overall great experience dealing with knowledgeable people that were willing to go over the pickups on the lot and have them find the one I wanted in so short a time. Marla Oestreich…Aug-10

Our salesman Mike was outstanding! Great Experience.

Jeremy Mathena…Sept-10

Chad Lee was most knowledgeable and extremely eager to please me. My only comment would be that I was trading in a Ford Escape Hybrid purchased in Arizona as a certified used Ford and this dealership was not able to treat it as a certified vehicle. That was disappointing to me and greatly affected the trade-in value. But other than that, I cannot give high enough marks to Chat, Pat and the others who were so friendly and competent and made the experience a very fun one.

Mary Wright…Sept-10

My Salesman (Jessie) was very knowledgable and competent. The computer at the dealership was slow, but he got my phone paired with the sync and explained the system very well.

Marilyn Cordova…Sept-10

All personel very knowledgeable and professional in all business transactions. A pleasure to do business with.

W. Dunagan…Sept-10

Great customer service and quality worksmanship. Pleasure to do business with Jake and the boys.

Greg Mooney…Sept-10

I felt that both Casey and Chad were very pleasant and easy to work with. They both made you feel relaxed and that they were trying to get the best loan possible for us. I was very satisfied with the service.

Gregory Stevens…Sept-10

Very satisfied, Sergio & Dave were very proffessionalBrad Farmer…Oct-10

Axel is one smart guy about the car and the syncing. He spent a lot of time with me teaching me about the what the car can do! Have I got a lot of learning to do. But I know I can always go back and ask more questions and I will always get help!

Phyllis Gayle…Oct-10

As always, EXCELLENT!

Pamela Griffiths…Oct-10

We have no comments except to say we are very pleased - and proud - that we purchased our Ford. The service has been excellent, from the time we walked into the sales office to the present time. We have had the same sales person assisting us from the beginning to the present time - and we appreciate that part of the service also. We look forward to continuing with Ford agency. We have been a customer of the Ford agency, here in Wenatchee, for at least 40 years.

Lyle Irwin…Oct-10

Was very impressed with your customer service! In this day and age it is a rare thing! Thanks once again for your professionalism!!!!! Will be bringing all my fords there from now on!!! Thanks!

Cory Finkle, Wenatchee, WA May-10

Yesturday is an example of why I continue using Town Ford to service my vehicles. At my last routine vehicle service appointment for my Focus, your staff noted that my 80k miles warranty tires were worn out after only 20k miles They contacted the vendor on my behalf and when they did not respond, Town Ford stepped up and took care of it. Your staff is friendly and go above and beyond to make sure my vehicle service needs are met. Please share with them that they are appreciated!

Jackie Tupling, Wenatchee, WA March-10

Chad & Axel worked together on our purchase of the 09 Pickup. They were both friendly but always had the answers to our questions promptly. We felt they worked above our expectations to bring it all together

Darrel Jeffries , East Wenatchee, WA January-10

The dealership did a good job. I was happy with the over all service

Terry Keating , Entiat, WA January-10

Very good, Todd and Jesse outstanding. Dave Blue is a very good Sales Manager

Paul Kingrey , Wenatchee, WA January-10

From the time we first arrived at the dealership office, to the present time, we feel we are a friend as well as a paying customer. We are confident of a very satisfactory purchase, and will definitely recommend Chad Lee (our salesman) to many prospective customers

Lyle Irwin , Wenatchee, WA January-10

Excellent sales people! This F-350 is not going to be driven until May of 2010. So I won't really know about the driving aspects until then. However, if it behaves as well as our other Fords we purchase in the past, we will be greatly pleased

Lars Ohrn , Wenatchee, WA January-10

I did not purchase car from the dealership that serviced it. They were great, no hassles or delays because I didn't buy from them

Judith Cunningham , East Wenatchee, WA January-10

I'm a long time customer of Joe Welty Ford, now Town Ford and before that Town Toyota. I won't go into great detail about my recent story, but I want you to know your service dept. truly understands what integrity is about! I would like you to know Jon, Steve, and Jake are top notch! Thank you again guys! It seems these days service is becoming a thing of the past, no matter the industry, but your service dept. renewed my faith that great customer service is still around. Todd Lee also came in on his day off, was unnecessary, but was a great show of intergrity and customer service as well. There was also a tall gentlemen from the sales floor that was concerned that I was taken care of also, another show of customer service! To all of these people: thank you again! I hope you take the time to pat these great people on the back, they truly deserve it!

Russ Larsen , Bellevue, WA January-10

A very GOOD EXPERIENCE, thanks to Town Ford in Wenatchee, WA 98801

Kendice Heinz, East Wenatchee, WA December-09

We are very satisfied with our new Ford F-150

Dan Durand , Ephrata, WA December-09

Good experience- no high pressure tactics. Great follow through & communication regarding details of the purchase. Thanks! P.S. Great attention to customers!

Julie Collins , Leavenworth, WA December-09

Great experience, would not only recommend Ford, but to buy at TOWN FORD!! Thanks for the "updated" F-150!

Mark Lewis , Wenatchee, WA December-09

Chad is awesome!! Next car I get will definately be through him or anyone else there.

Erin Verwest , Kennewick, WA December-09

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